Strategist: You are insightful, conceptual, and a big picture thinker. You are one who sees the direction that the real estate industry is moving in and develops a plan to strategically position yourself to have an advantage over other agents.

Focus and determination is your superpower. However, you can be overly critical at times especially when it comes to the “messiness” of human emotions. This can be off-putting to traditional buyers and sellers.

Lead Generation Strategy: Your strategy shouldn’t be to make one sale, but tens, if not hundreds, even thousands! To do this you will need to fish in larger ponds and find businesses or groups that need to buy or sell many homes. 

Begin by looking for companies that are in the business of housing, like banks, home builders, and institutional investors. Work your way through the “gate-keeper” (the receptionist), to find the “connector” (the person who knows the interworking of the organization). To find the true “decision maker” that can refer or send you business.

These businesses will keep you busy with a steady flow of sales, and your unemotional approach to things will be seen as an asset to them.

Other Lead Generation Strategies to Consider:

We suggest reviewing other Lead Generation Strategies and supplementing your lead generation plan. See the Debater, Advisor, and General.