Guardian: You are mainly focused on the people, communities, and groups that are directly associated with. You will sacrifice your time, money, and lives to serve and protect the people they care about. You make your decisions based on facts, personal experiences, and your inner core values. 

You prefer to work behind the scenes and don’t want to step into the spotlight even if it’s to take credit for your accomplishments. You avoid confrontation at all costs. Due to this, you may withdraw from confrontational situations or be accommodating to others when you actually disagree with the matter at hand.

For these reasons sales and specifically real estate is a difficult career for you.

Lead Generation Strategy:  Your natural tendency is to avoid looking and acting like a traditional salesperson. However, providing information that can save a potential customer from making a mistake that will cost them money, time and frustration is your Superpower. With your preference for introversion you will need to place yourself where others can readily access your knowledge of your product or service.

You may find a booth at a trade show an effective sales strategy. To manage trade shows you must be organized, prepared and friendly. These traits don’t commonly go hand-in-hand for most, but they do for you! 

A booth is typically at an event that serves a community, like a community Harvest Festival or holiday parade. These events are not specific to an industry or demographic, they are more commonly associated with a holiday, season or specific event. Look for opportunities to rent a booth and share information or make direct sales at these types of events.

Your goal for both tradeshows and booths is to meet potential customers and share with them how you can educate them about real estate and how this will ultimately save them time and money.

Other Lead Generation Strategies to Consider:

We suggest reviewing other Lead Generation Strategies and supplementing your lead generation plan. See the Designer, Contributor and Advocate.