Advocate: Real estate is much more than a transaction for you. You work hard to show your clients you personally about them. Your actions are in the service of others with little concern for your own needs. Your decisions and actions are based on the effect on others over logic or efficiency. 

You’re not motivated by material possessions, awards, or money. Your primary concern is what the people you care about think of you. All you seek in return is their appreciation. However, you can become unmotivated and stubborn if you aren’t receiving the adoration you truly desire. 

Lead Generation Strategy:  Even though they are not doing it for the money, many Advocates are extremely successful real estate agents. The best way for you to achieve your own success is to follow the tried and true lead generation strategy of farming the community you live in.

Today, farming is much more than simply mailing monthly postcards. A successful “farmer” layers their marketing with community newsletters, social media, and coordinates multiple community events throughout the year.

Other Lead Generation Strategies to Consider:

We suggest reviewing other Lead Generation Strategies and supplementing your lead generation plan. See the Guardian, Influencer and Authority.