Advisor: Kind and caring in nature, you have an intuitive understanding of people. You have dreams of a better world. Rooted in personal values you believe by being a good person, neighbor, and real estate agent, people will naturally want to work with you.

You are the rarest of all personality types, this may make you feel like an outsider even though you spend much of your time trying to make other people happy.

Lead Generation Strategy: Your introverted nature may be holding you back from communicating your value as a real estate professional to your customers. You must share your perspective and thoughts on real estate and trust it will attract buyers and sellers.

A Blog may be the ideal format for you to share your thoughts with your potential customers. While this strategy may take longer than others, the long-term benefits of becoming known as a trusted voice in real estate, can far surpass other lead generation strategies.

Once you become an established blogger, submit your content to local papers and news organizations to become a trusted real estate contributor for them.

Other Sales Strategies to Consider:

The Advisor shares similar personality traits with the Strategist, Diplomat, and Guide. We suggest reviewing those Lead Generation Strategies and supplementing your lead generation plan.