Visionary: Outgoing, energetic, and persuasive you are natural at sales. With a keen ability to understand people, your positive attitude can pivot quickly to serve a customer’s shifting demands. 

However, your greatest challenge is staying consistent since your interests change so rapidly. Therefore, you need a lead generation strategy that keeps your attention.

Lead Generation Strategy:

Educational Real Estate Seminars: You cannot help but to share your natural enthusiasm with other people, this is your Superpower! Therefore, choose real estate topics you care about, like buying your first home, downsizing, or real estate investing and create short 30 minute presentations for each. 

Reserve a room at your local library and deliver a presentation once a month. Your authentic personality will attract customers wanting to learn and work with you.

Other Lead Generation Strategies to Consider:

We suggest reviewing other Lead Generation Strategies and supplementing your lead generation plan. See the Entrepreneur, Diplomat and Guide