Operative: Sales doesn’t come naturally for you since you have trouble selling anything you don’t actually believe in or use yourself. Therefore, real estate is a good sales career since most people believe that everyone needs a home. 

You’re quiet, reserved, and always analyzing the people and environment around you. Watching and patiently waiting for the right opportunity to jump in, but at times these opportunities pass faster than you react.

Lead Generation Strategy:  To achieve success in real estate sales you will need to seek situations that force you to talk to potential customers. Open Houses provide a safe and controlled environment that will allow you to research the neighborhood and comparables so you will feel confident when you talk to others.

Just remember in an Open House you only have a few seconds to grab the customers attention, so prepare yourself with a solid closing question and short presentation to grab their attention and show them your research. Something like, “I have a list of homes in the area that are not on the market yet, would you like to see it?” or “Would you like to see the cash flow analysis on this property?”

Other Lead Generation Strategies to Consider:

We suggest reviewing other Lead Generation Strategies and supplementing your lead generation plan. See the Analyst, Guardian, and Contributor.