Influencer: You focus your attention on people, placing a high value on spending quality time with others. You enjoy food, clothing, nature, animals and activities and always mix work with play. You are at your best when spending time with other people.

You live in the moment, jumping from task to task with or without regard to priority, but somehow you always accomplish your to-do-list. Schedules and routines can feel too confining and you often overlook long-term consequences for short-term fun and pleasure.

Lead Generation Strategy:  Because you have a strong focus on helping others and the desire to mix work and play, you MUST find ways to create experiences with your clients. Think of ways to make doing business with you feel like a unique or magical experience.

Orchestrate an amazing experience for your customers from the moment they inquire, through the sales cycle, and make them feel connected to you until the end of your career. When your clients feel connected they will share their story of the outstanding experience you provide with their friends and family. They will become raving fans!

Resource: Monica Shea decided to take the Disney experience and apply it to her real estate business. Like Disney World, every customer experience has been meticulously thought out to ensure that experience is second to none. Monica teaches other Real Estate Agents how to create a Disney experience in their business.

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