Guide: You are loyal and compassionate. Internally driven by your moral compass, you spend your time on “life’s meaning”, instead of chasing status or wealth. You have an idealistic vision for the world and quietly influence others around you to fulfill this vision. 

With many ideas going and a desire to pursue perfection, You often fail to complete your big plans. This is because your high standards are never satisfied with yourself and your work, so your projects remain unfinished.

Lead Generation Strategy: Your quiet nature and desire to support makes a team environment ideal for you. Seek out a community focused team with a volunteer focus to support their community. The involvement in the community with create the connection you wish for and the 

The community focus and volunteering will get you excited about real estate. The team structure and environment will help keep you engaged and the accountability to the team will push you to achieve your real estate goals.

Other Lead Generation Strategies to Consider:

We suggest reviewing other Lead Generation Strategies and supplementing your lead generation plan. See the Visionary, Advisor, and Debater.