Diplomat: You are caring, optimistic, and driven. You naturally attract others with your positive personality. If you aren’t already you will be a formidable salesperson with your constant desire to help others and can-do attitude. Having a higher purpose, such as a charitable contribution, only drives you even more, due to your insatiable appetite to impact as many people as possible. 

Conversely, you can be judgmental of others, and at times even harsh. This is because you are equally as hard on yourself. You likely do not take criticism well and can overthink things, become recluse and withdraw if your ideas are challenged or criticized.

Lead Generation Strategy: Find a cause you care deeply about. If you were a foster child or were adopted. You may have a deep emotional connection to children in the foster care system. Donate a portion of your commission to a non-profit organization that supports foster children. 

Or donate time by making a commitment that each time you make a sale, you will volunteer thirty minutes of your personal time to help a non-profit.

Once you have established your cause, share your story about why this specific cause is important to you and how the customer buying or selling their home with you is making a difference. 

Other Lead Generation Strategies to Consider:

We suggest reviewing other Lead Generation Strategies and supplementing your lead generation plan. See the General, Advisor and Visionary.