Create your Personal Sales Message

Let’s be honest, many people chose a sales career because of the ability to make a lot more money and have more freedom and flexibility than they could if they were working in other careers. Yet, if this is the mantra you have been repeating in your mind then this is the likely cause of your frustration. Anyone seasoned in sales knows the truth; you can make a lot of money or you can have freedom and flexibility, but it is nearly impossible to sustain both for any period of time.

If you are thinking your sales career is the path to freedom and unlimited wealth, then how do you respond when an upset customer interrupts your freedom by contacting you at an inconvenient time? Frustrated, short, inappropriate tone of voice… You see, we respond to situations based on the meaning behind our thoughts. If our thoughts were that we chose a sales career because we discovered a way for us to solve a problem or become a solution to someone’s frustration, then we may see the inconvenient call as an opportunity to provide value or solve a problem.

If you have discovered that your current thinking is not serving you and wish to rewrite your answers to the questions, I encourage you to do so. Extra time on these exercises will save you from hundreds of hours, possibly years, of trial and error later.

Why did you choose the industry you are in?

What experience (story) made you interested in this line of work?

Create clarity about why you chose the industry you chose. From this you may begin to feel a connection to your purpose or the reason you chose to be a sales-person and the people you can help. Now is time to craft your Personal Message.

You have done a lot of soul searching, thinking and writing. You may want to stop here and pick it up later… DON’T STOP. You are almost finished. This exercise is what all the other exercises have been building up to.

Imagine for a moment, three-years from today, your local newspaper writes an article about you:

What things would you want them to say about you?

What have you accomplished?

How have you contributed?

Who have you contributed to?

Lastly, considering everything that you have written about yourself, your customers, and your industry; answer the last three questions and put them together to complete your short introduction.

  1. Who are you?
  • Why you choose to do what you do?
  • What do you do?

Short Introduction

Now put it all together in a sentence as if someone asked you to professionally introduce yourself to a small group of people.

________________  _________________________________   _______________________

< Who you are > < Why you choose to do what you do > < What do you do >

Example: “My name is Sean Moudry. I help sales-people achieve success and happiness. I am an Author and Speaker.”

Congratulations! You have a completed the Personal Message exercise. Your personal message can be used on ALL your marketing. This messaging will attract your tribe bringing you more customers that are in alignment with you and your companies interests, views, and values.

Review and rehearse the messages you crafted often. If the exercise was done with honesty, the messages will effortlessly flow off your tongue. You will feel more connected than before to your industry and your personal mission.

Over time you will see that intrinsic motivation will lead to more activities. More activities lead to more opportunities, and more opportunities lead to success. All while developing you to become… You!