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16 Strategies Custom real estate training

Rapid Success Formula is an 8-step system that is presented by Sean Moudry, to help highly motivated agents learn how to generate nonstop real estate leads and to build and manage systems to handle rapid growth, without managing other agents.

The 5 Principles of Sean Moudry coaching.

#1 Know Yourself (Personality Assessment)

Utilizing the proprietary 16-Strategies sales assessment you will uncover your personality strengths and learn how they can increase your effectiveness. 

#2 Know Your Customer ( Target market exercise)

Develop a message that resonates with customers that will appreciate your efforts and are willing to pay you a fair fee.

#3 Know Your Strategy

Through our real estate training program, we will show you a number of different strategies to help you reach your goals. The key in this point is to choose a strategy that suits your personality the best.

#4 Know Your Schedule

(Marketing calendar + Time management) + weekly calendar
Develop Systems and Processes to manage 50-100 transactions each and every year.

#5 Be Accountable (Group coaching or one-on-one)

With our 12 weeks weekly coaching calls, whether it is group coaching call or one-on-one. We will do our best to hold you accountable, and keep guiding you towards the path to success in real estate. We will follow up with you on your progress, answer your questions, and share with you real on-ground experiences.

Why Do Agents Fail?

In my 26-year real estate career, I have found that agents fail because they don't have consistent systems to manage the business. Humans are notoriously inconsistent therefore placing the responsibility of consistency on yourself is a recipe for failure. The solution is to create easy processes and systems that are followed precisely.

Don't know what's 16Strategies for real estate agents?

16Strategies for real estate agents is Myers Briggs personality assessment (Knowledge) + Real estate Sales (experience). We've done all the hard work, we've trained hundreds of agents, and through that we've developed effective lead generation strategies that suits their personality best. You can learn more about the Myers Briggs and how it relates to real estate from the link below.


Our custom real estate coaching program is not directly available, it's invite only. We believe in customer persona, that's why teach it, and that's why we have one. If you would like to know whether or not you are entitled to this program, please schedule a call with one of our team members.

Even if you are not a good fit, we will still share with you some tips that we believe can help you.

PS: Please note, after choosing a specific date & time, you will be redirected to a page with some questions, please answer all of them to confirm your registration.

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