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16 Strategies is about understanding your personality and utilizing a sales strategy that aligns with your strengths and preferences. Our comprehensive, four-step process includes an assessment, results, validation, and strategy. We have the ability to customize your entire experience with personalized coaching options.

At our basic level, you can do it your own way by taking the assessment, reviewing your personality profile results, and reading the 16 Strategies Book for Sales to understand the selling strategy behind your personality.

There is a reason why Fortune 500 companies use personality testing as a method for building high-performing teams. What they have found through organizational development is that having the right talent combined with the right personality type increases productivity and often leads to innovation.



“My experience with coaching and training over 3000 people in the past 15 years has proven to me that there are hundreds—if not thousands—of ways to achieve a goal. The key is not to find the rare diamond in the coal but to find the best way to turn coal into diamonds! Imagine if you had a way to allow different personalities to get measurable results that are designed with your preferences in mind.” – Sean Moudry

Sean Moudry

Sean Moudry

Sean Moudry gained incredible momentum in the real estate industry at a very young age: he closed 72 transactions in his first year of brokerage, was admitted into Remax’s Hall of Fame his second year and became a Titan investor with over 86 multifamily units and 26 single family homes. Sean led real estate offices through the economic downturn and recruited over 115 agents in a single year, landing in the top ten nationally and the number one commercial office (2011).

Sean is the author of two books on real estate investing. In 2014, Sean co-founded Steps Real Estate, one of the fastest-growing brokerages in Colorado. To keep up with the ever-changing market, Sean recently made the decision to take his team of agents and join eXp Realty.

Sean has coached and trained over 3000 people in the past 15 years and is a certified Myers-Briggs practitioner. When you think of Sean, think passion, enthusiasm, and authenticity. As a professional trainer, speaker, and coach, his inspiring stories and never-ending drive for personal growth make for a dynamic experience.

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